Dr. Kristina Johnson

Nothing But Net with Debbie Antonelli
Nothing But Net with Debbie Antonelli
Dr. Kristina Johnson
Dr. Kristina Johnson
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Host: Debbie Antonelli
In this episode, of Nothing But Net with Debbie Antonelli, Debbie is joined by President of The Ohio State University, Dr. Kristina Johnson.
Dr. Johnson tells Debbie what is was like being a huge part in saving the Big 10 Football season. Getting the game ball from Head Coach Ryan Day and Quarterback Justin Fields. 
Debbie and Dr. J also get into her transition to being the President of Ohio State since her start in June of 2020, and what role that Athletic Director, Gene Smith, played in making that transition a smooth one. 
Dr. Johnson tells a couple of great stories during her time as Under Secretary of Energy for Energy and Environment for the Obama Administration. Be sure to listen to hear why President Obama just might owe her a round of golf and what role Debbie played in filling out Hillary Clinton’s NCAA Tournament brackets in 2010. And since we are name-dropping, what about the time that Dr. Johnson, Debbie and Beth Mowins played golf with Darius Rucker? 
We also get to hear why Blue is the hardest color to reproduce in television format. What a ‘day in the life’ of an OSU President is like? And why sports are important the culture of a university?
This is definitely in the running for one of our best episodes of Nothing But Net with Debbie Antonelli.
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