What you will find on this site...

As you navigate through each of the different parts of my site, you'll see my Video Editing page, with videos that I created with iMovie and YouTube.

There is my Graphic Design page, which showcases things I have created with Photoshop.

Quite possibly my favorite parts of this site are the podcast pages. The Mac & T Show is a show I do with long-time friend, T Davis. We discuss all kinds of topics: Sports, Movies, TV Shows, World News, but mostly we just try and have a good laugh and maybe drop a few opinions along the way. Right now we only be found on YouTube, but we may find a few more outlets soon.

Coastal Conversations is a podcast that I am developing with another long-time friend, Sara Carter. Sara is the owner of PortSide Fitness in Gulfport, MS. She and I will go over many topics, especially how my high school used to destroy her school's girl's basketball team. Ok...ok. So truth be told, during Sara's four years, it was VERY lopsided in the other direction. Whether it is on the basketball court or in the CrossFit gym, Sara is a five foot tall baller.

The B Side Podcast is a podcast, where I fly solo, but will occasionally have guests. I will cover a myriad of topics that include: sports, movies, tv shows, entertainment, politics, education and world news.

Nothing But Net with Debbie Antonelli Podcast is a podcast that I produce for Hall of Fame Women's Basketball Commentator, Debbie Antonelli. Debbie hosts people from the women's basketball world and beyond. Each season of the podcast coincides with the college basketball season and the guest list continues to grow. This show is a must listen for any basketball fan!