The Mac & T Show Podcast | 2015 NBA Finals Review

The Mac & T Show
The Mac & T Show
The Mac & T Show Podcast | 2015 NBA Finals Review
The Mac & T Show Podcast | 2015 NBA Finals Review

Original Recorded Date: June 20, 2015

Theme Music: "Early Riser" by Kevin MacLeod
Brian Mackay & T Davis are your co-hosts

Episode includes:
(00:22) Welcome
(00:43) Quick rundown of the Finals Facts
(4:23) Golden State Warriors offseason questions
(8:07) Cleveland Cavaliers offseason questions
(10:25) Brian's Soapbox rant on LeBron James
(15:41) T's Soapbox rant on the media de-valuing the Warriors win
(18:46) Kevin Love's future?
(22:01) Excitement over Season 2 of our podcast

Special thanks to the following: user: artist61 [Logo Caricatures] user: mattmartillo [Ring Announcer Intro] user: kendoepro [Official Theme Song]
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