The Mac & T Show: 100 Episodes of Friendship and Fun

The Mac & T Show podcast came into fruition in March of 2015. I just recently had begun listening to different podcasts and the more I listened the more I wanted to do one of my own. I also knew that if I did one, at the time, I was not ready to do it solo. So, I brought the idea of doing the show to T. T was apprehensive at first, because she has never been comfortable "putting all of her business out in the streets." Once I presented my idea for the show, which would just be the two of us doing what we do every time we talk, either in person or on the phone. Talking sports, giving our opinions on world news, reviews of Movies and TV Shows, T was in and off we went. Our first couple of years of the show was only published on our YouTube Channel, but in early 2018, after doing some more researching on how to publish podcasts on streaming services, The Mac & T Show can be heard on Apple Podcast, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Spotify and TuneIn

If I am being honest, the first couple of seasons were pretty rough. Although it is not always easy to tell(because I am excellent at editing) we stumbled through many episodes, talked on top of each other and had some hit or miss audio issues. But once we settled down, found our niche and "stayed in our lane," we have been doing better and better with each episode. T will tell you she is the same person now that she was at the beginning and there is probably a lot of truth in that, but I know for a fact that I have improved, because I put together the above video which is a "highlight" of some of our more memorable moments during our first 100 episodes and I here myself getting more comfortable and finding my voice and confidence as we go along. 

Throughout our time, doing this podcast, one of the more popular things to come from it, is the way that T signs off with each episode. Whether it is giving love to her alma mater, The University of Florida, or giving glory to God, she has always been very creative with her signature ways to end each show. Please click on the above video for a compilation of many of her more memorable sign offs from our first 100 episodes. 

As we begin our trek to the next 100 episodes, many questions we receive through our email, or social media platforms, is who are Mac & T?, how did we meet?, etc. Mac is Brian Mackay, and T is obviously T Davis. We met in 2004, while working for the University of Mississippi(Ole Miss) Women’s Basketball team. Davis was the team’s Graduate Assistant and Mackay was the team’s video manager. 

I was born and raised in Pass Christian, Mississippi. I like to tell people that Robin Roberts is the second most famous person from Pass Christian, and when they ask who is the first? I say "me of course." I have two younger siblings, one sister and one brother, two nephews and two nieces, who affectionately call me "Bubba". I cannot begin to explain to you how those four kids have changed my life over the past few years. I have become a much stronger person because I have them in my life. I love them with all of my heart and would do anything in the world for any of them. My work experience includes Video Manager for Ole Miss Women’s Basketball from 2004-2007. Video Coordinator for Ole Miss Women’s Basketball from 2008-2012. Director of Operations for Louisiana Tech Women’s Basketball for the 2012-2013 season. After leaving Ruston, LA in July of 2013, I have dedicated my life to mastering his social media marketing skills.  In September of 2014, I slowly began to put the pieces in place to begin my own social media marketing business and formed BMac Productions, which is where I branched into the podcast world where I am the host/producer of The Mac & T Show Podcast, The B Side with Brian Mackay and Coastal Conversations, who I records with a friend of mine, Sara Carter, owner and operator of PortSide Fitness.

T was born and raised in Tennessee. She has two younger siblings, one sister and one brother. Her work experience is none of your business, but she did play basketball for the University of Florida women’s basketball team in the early to mid 90's. In true T fashion, other than completing her Masters Degree in Health Promotions in 2005 and a doctoral degree in Kinesiology, from the University of Mississippi in 2015, I am not allowed to share any other information. 🙂

Monday will be here before we know it and our 100th episode will be out there for all of the world to hear. We hope you all take the time to listen and enjoy, because we certainly have had a blast bringing you the show! Please use our Linktree link and subscribe to our show wherever you listen to your podcasts and never miss another episode. Thank you for all of you that have been with us for the first 100 and we hope you continue to listening to our next 100.

Thanks for listening and reading!

-Brian Mackay-

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